It wasn’t till I lost my grandmother in 2001 that started my souls journey. 

I was barely 14 and an only child, her death sent me into a place of isolation, pain and I felt alone.  I admired her for so many things, her cooking, her knowledge, her artistic nature, her gardening, her spiritual gifts, her very essence- GONE forever.  I felt stripped of my culture, I still wanted to learn so much.  Her death was too soon… will I ever know who I truly am?

After my grandmother passed, I would spend time in my room praying & creating fake spells for love & protection.  It could of been a blend of her being gone and my obsession with the movie, “Practical Magic” that sparked this curiosity within me.  In the unknown, in this spirit world, I felt safe. 

And there I was, witnessing my pain unfolding, through writing, through prayer and by diving so far deep into music to release everything I felt.  I was finding myself by confronting my grief & using my intuitive knowing.  I wanted to be just as magical as her… 

This longing inspired me to explore more than what society tells you. But, like the caterpillar, I had to go through some things before I could transform.  Before I was 21 I started to pursue modeling & acting, living in LA you are bombarded by ads of perfection and fancy lifestyles. 

I became another pretty girl in Los Angeles so, I fell into the world of pursuing money, fame & beauty.  

After a handful of negative experiences, I was saddened by how many women were putting themselves through this… I would spend tons on my hair, nails, makeup just to fulfill an illusion.  But, something was missing- no matter how many fancy mansions I went to, fast cars I rode in, expensive dinners and celebrity encounters.  I always knew my path was different.   I was on a journey to become a strong, independent, mindful woman,  Nothing would matter without spirituality.  

In my teen years, I was already practicing the “Law of Attraction” without reading any books. I was tuning into my Shakti.  The creative universal force within us all that knows magic is everywhere. 

It wasn’t till I got to spend a week with my then idol, Tyra Banks that I came to realize the power we all hold, the power of manifestation and the power of the mind.  You ask how?! well, I had pictures of Tyra covering the entire backside of my bedroom door.  It was during the time she was the top model at Victoria Secret. 

You would think I was a teenage boy with a MAJOR crush but no.  I was a 14 year old girl with dreams. 

One day, as my mom was flipping through channels she saw a promotional contest that said something along the lines of, “A chance to meet Tyra Banks” my mom knew I loved her so she took me into Victoria Secrets store were we were given a stack of forms to fill out.  It was an application to attend Tyra’s all girl camp promoting sisterhood.  I answered every question honestly, some were very serious, others like, “what kind of animal do you see yourself as?” there must of been over 2,000 applicants and I will never forget the email saying I was chosen to join the small group of girls and Tyra for a week of camp.

I not only got to experience sisterhood but I got a taste of the true power we hold as women.  I didn’t know what this meant at the time.  But I knew I wanted more, I magically got to go back a second year as a junior counselor and have my own small group of girls that I bonded with.  From pain to joy to love to challenges this struck a light within me.  We are here for love. We are here to inspire, to be of service. This was just the beginning…. 

I continued my journey… Ended up majoring in Broadcast Journalism and worked hard interning at ABC 7, Entertainment Tonight & Clear Channel.  The one that felt good was radio, music had always been my favorite form of expression.  I was there for 3 years before taking the biggest risk of my life.  I quit and moved to Oregon.  Up until that point, I had been a planner.  Plan for your future they say, “Degree by 23, own home by 25” Well at 23 I didn’t have a degree and I was nowhere near owning a home.  It was like a set up for failure.  So, I dropped everything and left the one place that I had dreamed of working at.  I manifested this job and my internships, I worked hard to now just walk away? I was scared but I felt an inner knowing, I had to go.  For the sake of my spirit, I had to explore the unknown and embrace the magic of life.  This is what my grandmother did by leaving Costa Rica and coming here to America.  She took the risk. 


In Oregon, similarly to when I was in Hawaii, I never wore makeup, I didn’t care how my hair looked or how I dressed.  I became confident in my skin and in the universe.  I had no plan, my plan was to be present and allow myself peace to find inspiration and experiences that made me feel alive.  I found that and more.  Oregon was the 2nd place to make me feel connected to the divine, the first was Hawaii.   After 2 years to be exact, I left and was ready to come back home.  Before I left, I made sure to write exactly what I wanted in a job & left it to spirit.  I remember being at a job I was not aligned with, going to the bathroom stall banging my head on the door asking, this can’t be it! Did my prayer get looked over? I then got a text that same day and the rest is history.  I landed a job that finally felt like all my handwork paid off.  But the magic of this is, I created my reality, all I had to do was continue trusting and being patient.  

Fast forward to today,  I am a down to earth woman working in a fast paced industry who is embracing being a new mother, something that has always been viewed as a superhuman experience to me & not in my plans, has now become the very reason I breathe.  On this platform, I get to blend my many passions with the intention of connecting with you through authentic expression.  I feel EMPOWERED.  I AM a woman, more now than ever before.