You're pregnant, now what?!


Well this is ironic! Little did we know that during the weekend of Independence Day, we would be hit with those two pink stripes & our "independence" would shift to a very different meaning- So of course I took two tests and just stared at the object sitting on the sink, picked it up and shook it like a snow globe and heard his voice "don't touch it yet!" okay! okay your right! ahh! the anticipation was killing me, time slowed down and as I walked over to take a peak I said yep! its true...  Sooo we are having a baby?! oh shit! Every thought imaginable came flooding in, I mean I JUST moved back to LA and this is what I get hit with.  I was still in the process of trying to get settled in my new place, embrace freedom and live according to my own rules.  Well, I know better.  Life has a way of NEVER going as planned and in a very magical way, it gives us what we manifest whether we are aware of this or not.  We create our reality.  My advice:

1. Totally freak out, yeah, I said it.  Let it out then snap back into reality, you got this

2. Laugh it off, cry, whatever feels best

3. Give yourself some individual time alone to process whats next

4. Be completely honest with yourself & your partner, stay authentic or you will regret not expressing your true feelings

5. This is a HUGE commitment, you won't feel ready and thats ok.  Breathe through it & embrace vulnerability with your partner.