I consider myself someone who has worked hard on being mindful, to live life guided by spirit. It wasn't until I completely surrendered & trashed the planner within that I was able to fully LIVE.  Being free and elusive seemed unstable to most but for me its what sets my soul on fire.  At this point in my life I've learned that a part of myself was on a search, when I got close to the thing I manifested it was almost to good to be true... Sometimes id accept it, other times id give into fear. The mind has a way of controlling our potential.  Becoming all that I am continues to fall on the "child-like" theory.  Every child is born into the world pure and as their authentic self.  No doubts, no ego, no one to please.  At what point in time do we as adults lose that self? Its almost as with time passing, we slowly begin to dig our true self down deeper and deeper, hiding and as we begin to feel that fire within, we then search for that peaceful part of who we once were and begin to dig it back up.  Throughout this pregnancy, I  continually remind myself to stay present and release any judgements towards myself to stay "sexy" and pressures around the process. Instead, to be in flow with my body by aligning my mind & spirit. 

  • Journal your thoughts, doesn't have to be everyday, just release whatever comes to you
  • Grab a book that you resonate with, one you can follow along with each month my top pick "Mindful Mom To Be" By Lori Bregman   
  • Have check ins with your partner, be transparent with the emotions you are feeling and encourage him to express his as well 
  • Dont compare your pregnancy to anyone else's, instead know everything is about surrender and acceptance
  • Subscribe to uplifting mom blogs and meet like minded individuals for support
  • Stay away from anything & anyone who isn't positive.  This is YOUR time to nuture yourself for your baby