Doctors Office Visit

Let the fun begin! I decided to begin my Prenatal visits with my OB for the first couple months.  I knew eventually I would transition my care to a midwife & doula. But for the beginning stages I was curious what the experience would be like vs. with a midwife.  Due to my insurance covering all OB visits, I got a majority of my blood work done there and most visits lasted no longer than 5-10minutes.  It was consistent with, go pee in a cup, "How are you feeling?", lay down and get an ultrasound and your done.  I remember asking my OB if she could be my backup in case of emergencies and she expressed that even though she advocates natural births, she encouraged me to take a tour of the hospital she worked out of.  I expressed I wanted a water birth and she said she does not offer this.  Because she is known to be the best OB in my area and I like her, I was willing to possibly just go with the hospital option- she seemed confident about it and my wishes for an unmedicated birth but what made me feel uneasy was when she expressed more than once that even though she doesn't have anything scheduled around my due date there is a possibility someone else could deliver my baby.  

WHAT?!? I felt like here I am trying to bond with my doctor and be at peace with the process & then I have to sit & wonder day of who will arrive to my labor? No thanks! So, I saw my OB for the first 3-4 months and then I wanted to start my midwifery care.  We met 2 other midwifes before sealing the deal with my current midwife, Alexsandra Evanguelidi and my doula Blyss.  BEST decision ever.  Of course we have to pay out of pocket first before getting reimbursed and it seems a bit steep but when you think of how much more in control you will be of your mind, body & baby you will feel relived.  This decision was also influenced by Ricki Lakes documentary "The Business of Being Born" (click to watch for free) & a book called "Your Baby, Your Way"  which was an eye opening read about the business of hospitals and our society's outlook on labor with a ton of other helpful information.  

I could go on & on about this but let me just say that a woman who is healthy, with no complications has the option to birth at home and not undergo a c-section etc.  Somehow we as women have become OK with letting ourselves be told HOW we should birth instead of tapping into our SHAKTI power and feeling into what is it that truly feels right to us regardless of the fears that we are fed. Through my own experience so far, I have realized that the only way we can choose our dream birthing experience is through the following:

  • BE Patient, its going to take time to research your options and select whats best for you
  • Support system, is your partner on board with a home or hospital birth? what are the concerns
  • Educate yourself! Read early on and/or watch videos Ina May Gaskin is an amazing place to start
  • Don't be influenced by fears
  • Pick whats best for you regardless of what is said to be "normal" 
  • TRUST your decision