Meeting My Birth Team

Let me start off by saying as much as society has this idea of a Midwife being a woman who carries herbs & crystals (that would be epic) Midwives are MEDICAL professionals who have been trained to deal with emergencies.  I have been looked at as though I am out of my mind for choosing a home birth in 2016.  People seem to think a midwife is not as qualified as a nurse or it stirs up fear in people.  What are you? A hippie? Endless jokes and judgments are made around this kind of birthing experience due to the misconceptions around NATURAL BIRTHS.  For me, its about educating yourself and then finding whats best for you.  Meeting my midwife & doula was such a beautiful experience compared to my previous OB visits.  The visits were great but there is a different kind of support you feel through midwifery care.  Its your overall well being that is taken into account.  The visits are scheduled for an hour which sometimes go over but you never feel rushed or like your just another number.  Meetings consist of expressing your true feelings, fears and hopes.  You discuss back up plans for any unexpected cases but also stay neutral and expectation free! Any questions or concerns you have they answer completely, I am able to text or email either or them at any time and not feel like I'm bugging them.  Ive never been left feeling uneasy or less confident.  As I get further along, she checked the heartbeat, felt my belly to measure and feel what position the baby is in and took some blood if needed.  Every session your ph levels of urine is checked.  I started with Alexsandra and Blyss in my 4th month of pregnancy and my partner and I have been really excited to experience our home water birth with them.  We have been told they are the "Dream team" and of course I know as the one carrying the baby, the work is going to really be left up to me which is why they stress being completely conscious of how I am feeling day in and out leading up to the birth.  

We spoke on two things that could prevent a home birth and thats if the mothers experience exhaustion or if there is meconium when your water breaks which means the baby decided to crap before exiting the vagina! There is a tool needed to pump the babies lungs to rid them of the sticky substance so at that point you usually head to the hospital- SURRENDER to what is unfolding.  We have discussed a plan to have a doctor come to our home if an emergency arises.  These are all things that are expressed and to have the freedom to create your own experience is highly empowering.  Now, keep in mind you CAN have your dream experience in the hospital if this is your only choice, hire a doula and make sure your support team doesn't let anyone intervene unless necessary.  Ive heard of women bringing smokeless candles, dimming the lights and using a birthing ball.  Just don't get stuck on your back as this is not a natural birthing position and is actually harder for the woman to give birth in. 

 Its just a really different approach that doesn't feel invasive or uncomfortable at all.  Its like hanging with your girls, with your partner there of course haha! Its a close knit experience that diminishes anxiety and fear.  I have learned so much already in such a short time that it is well worth every penny and time spent.  

Misconceptions with home births that I have clarity on now:

  • Home births are risky studies have shown that a home birth is as safe (or safer) than a hospital birth for healthy women, with low risk pregnancies, using a certified professional midwife.
  • Umbilical cord is wrapped around the neck what do we do?!! DONT PANIC & don't believe the hype this is actually COMPLETELY NORMAL.  The umbilical cord is made of flesh which can't be compress and therefore because the baby breathes through the blood, the baby can't suffocate.  Sure, the heart rate may drop a bit but its because your baby is going through the process of being born- this is not an emergency even though we are told it is.
  • Breech baby no! Get to and consult with a Chiropractor who specializes in pregnant women.  Its totally possible and you don't HAVE to get a C-Section.