40 Days Of Reset

Before giving birth, I read that the first 40 days after birth are sacred and that it is best to limit visitors and outings during this time.   One article described it as, "Mothering The Mother".   Most traditional cultures, including those throughout South America, Europe (Greece), the Middle East and Asia, a 40-day rest period is considered mandatory after an infant’s birth.   This may sound impossible but, during this time the mother is not expected to leave the house, cook, or do anything but bond with her baby.  Sounds more like a quarantine- well, in latin cultures this is tradition and its aka ‘la cuarentena‘.  As that may not be realistic for all, I gave it a try.   At about 33 days I had accomplished getting a pedicure with her in the stroller and a lunch at a restaurant, THATS IT.   I will admit that the first month tests you- Your patience, your ability to stay present and your emotions which will be up and down. I stayed home with my baby and only played mantra music, had some visitors which helped me with food and household chores and I occasionally watched Netflix but, for the majority of the time, it was a peaceful time. A deep reflection as I was also healing from my C section and had no motivation to go anywhere anyways. Yeah the laundry sometimes piled up and I felt so bad that my partner was working, cleaning and handling so much but I to was busy, busy healing.  I am here to shout out to, this is ok! Its ok to rest and not be in the same mode you were before the birth. I learned during this time, these special 40 days, to be gentle with myself, to not judge my moods or emotions and to be in the experience with grace. Having a baby is a true meditation. It's 24/7 love and awareness, a true opportunity to grow and see how you handle the moment. Of course you will be exhausted, frustrated, possibly wonder if you will even be a good parent but, this is the beauty of the opportunity, the gift.  To transform all these thoughts constantly! To be aligned in your truth and know that this little spirit before you, chose YOU.  If you can't make the full 40 days, don't sweat it but do give yourself some time to bond without too much distraction, you deserve it.   so seriously, rest up! It is THAT important