PARASOL: The diaper you'll enjoy changing

  Say goodbye to those rough diapers that come with prints you are forced to buy, now you have a choice to be bold! At the click of a button, three beautiful collections, one subscription.  Thank me later. 

  Before I learned about PARASOL, I was testing out a couple“green” diaper brands from Bambo Nature, Naty & Seventh Generation.  After tons of research, I finally chose one.  I then heard about PARASOL from my partner & it peaked my interest so I right away googled the name and this innovative diaper popped up on my screen, mind blown! I felt like a kid in a candy store as I turned to my partner, “Ask them if we can try them please!!” Now lets be honest here, when you become a mother, these are the things you get excited about! So really, to say I was excited about giving Parasol diapers a try, is an understatement.  

  Conscious, creative, fun.  I can’t say enough about this new company which is launching June 4th- (Use code BABYLOVE to join me for a day full of fun!   It’s not every day you get to review diapers that are soft, natural, and adorable.  They even arrive in the coolest box you will ever see.  Each diaper is designed with a beautiful print by artist, Artist Ashley Goldberg.  She brings a whimsical creativity to each collection and you don't have to worry, its non-toxic ink. score! 

How it Works

You can select the FREE trial run by joining & because I know you will never look back you have two subscription options.  $70 diapers only monthly subscription or the $85 subscription which gets you four giant packs of diapers & wipes. Choose from 3 different diaper collections- The Delight, The Dream or The Discover.  It also includes three full sized pack wipes and two travel sized packs which I throw in my diaper bag- so helpful! I don’t have to transfer my wipes to the plastic carrier anymore.  The wipes are just as wonderful, not loaded with any toxic perfume scents but instead, a soothing cucumber scent.   They feel silky but sturdy, I use these for not only her changes but spills, cleaning our hands and her face.  I am so grateful for this bundle option because it has made our lives that much easier knowing our subscription arrives every month with EVERYTHING we need.  

Certified Green

How safe are they? These hypoallergenic diapers are made in Europe, Fragrance, Chlorine and Latex free! No more diaper rashes, no more harmful chemicals on your babies skin.  They are certified by accredited Health & Safety institutions and by PEFC Forest Sustainability.  Parasol has actually designed their diapers with an innovative technology that allows them to be super absorbent while actually using less wood pulp than typical diapers.  They may even opt out of the wood pulp in efforts, “to decrease tree cutting”, introducing a “fluffless diaper”in Fall.   It's all in the amazing design.  I can vouch for this as my 10 week old is a pooping, peeing machine and I have never had a leak or poop blowout which was a common issue for us with other eco brands, the absorbency did not hold up as well. 


 I can go on about this fabulous company but ill end here.  Im In love with the hearts printed diapers which come in the DREAM Collection.  Every time I grab one, it definitely feels like a DREAM, soft to the touch.  I find myself really feeling the miracle fabric in these diapers.  Lightweight and smooth, its like holding a cloud in the palm of your hands.  While I don’t always dress my baby up if we are home, she is now able to be stylish with just a diaper on.  Some people ask me, its something she poops in who cares! But to me, it isn’t JUST a diaper, its an experience.   As someone who is passionate about companies thinking outside the box- this is what our family appreciates, innovation.   

Your not only helping your baby by giving them the sofest, most creative diaper to ever land on their tushies but, you can feel confident knowing your helping the environment as well! win win!