December Obsession: Bamboo over Plastic

Intro: I recently watched a documentary called Plastic Ocean that confirmed my obsession for finding non-plastic products in hopes that we create a clean and sustainable future for our little ones.

This documentary shed light on the trillions of plastic waste that is going into our oceans and washing up in developing countries.

Not only is our ocean at risk but the food chain has been consuming tons of plastic which means if you eat seafood, you are ingesting plastic and the chemicals that leach off of plastic. Ugh gross!

In an effort to move away from the indestructible substance that is deemed “disposable” here are my top non-plastic obessions this month

1) Acanchy Baby Feeding Bamboo suction bowl + spoon with silicone.

Untitled design (3).jpg

Let's face it, sometimes feeding a child can be a messy job. The last thing a parent wants is a spill and mess to clean up. Avanchy baby & toddler bamboo stay put suction bowls is safe, attractive and fun, the suction plate can help make meal time a little less messy.   Paired with the FDA approved food grade silicone in 5 bright, cheery colors, this suction serving divided plate makes the chore of feeding baby fun!

Unlike other baby food dishware, the suction plate grips the table and won't be knocked around or flipped by little hands. The small vacuum relief lever is childproof, especially when aligned on the backside of the bowl, away from the child. With a gentle pull, adults can release the serving plate suction like magic!

2) Melissa & Doug wooden cars toy set


When I came across these I was stoked! Aiya has been into cars lately, like me when I was young hehe and I loved the detail and variety that came in this beautiful set.  The solid-wood is made with child-safe materials and safety tested to our most rigorous standards.

3) OCCObaby 3-Piece Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set


The wooden comb and hard bristle brush are perfect as your toddler's first hair accessory!OFT BRUSH- Luxurious soft goat bristles are perfect for the fine hair of newborns and toddlers

MASSAGE BRUSH- Firm and sturdy wooden bristles stimulate the scalp and increase circulation while relaxing your baby

Natural goat and wooden bristles naturally condition baby's hair and evenly distribute natural oils down the hair shaft.  Both brushes are made from eco-friendly solid beech wood:

All-natural with no formaldehyde-releasing glues or VOC-releasing finishes often used to fuse bamboo shoots.  Beech wood is safe to clean and will not crack after washing (water resistant).

Made from solid maple wood with no coatings or finishes (do not wet excessively)

4) Bobo & Boo Bamboo kids snack bowls


We understand that as a parent your main priority is your child’s good health. Many plastics, including BPA-free plastics, contain other chemical plasticisers that are harmful to your health.

By choosing bamboo dinnerware, you are reducing the amount of plastic your children come into contact with.

5) OXO Tot wooden high chair

Pink Birch.jpg


I LOVE this high-chair, I was so happy when I snagged one for a great price on the LetGo app!  Its sturdy, a space saver and easy to clean.  It has a lovely bohemian modern vibe to it which blends in well to homes looking for a sense of style and not an eyesore.  The OXO Tot Sprout Chair balances baby's comfort and grown ups' design sensibility. Sprout is an extended use Chair that grows with your child's development stages, from 6 months to 5 years.

For a perfect, comfy fit during all stages, the seat adjusts in height and depth and the footrest is height adjustable. A depth adjustable tray accommodates baby's growth and can be removed so the Chair can be pulled up to the table. The seat, back and cushions are contoured for comfort and promote "sitting up straight", and a 5 point harness secures baby firmly in the seat. Eating can be messy, so the Chair and cushion are easily wipeable for quick cleanup of crumbs and sticky messes.