1st Birthday Survival Tips

Lets face it, planning our kids first birthday can be a shitshow. As a planner, a perfectionist and lover of themes I decided 3 weeks before my daughters birthday to plan a Clifford themed "Pawty". What turned into a "small" gathering ended up being a full on get together at A Magic Forest, Waldorf inspired open play space that offered non-toxic toys, a cafe and it was indoors which I am so grateful for! Now, where do I begin.

When I tell you the week leading up to Aiyas party was HELL. I am going to give you some tips in hopes you do not experience the same. The below ways saved me money! But first, lets dive into the lesson of it all because we all know the real reason I am writing this is to guide you back to your breathe!


The beauty of celebrating the first year is how much you not only survived the poo explosions, barf, sleepless nights, anxiety for the future and restlessness in the present. Every mother has their own experience of crazy emotions, fears and thoughts. What I learned the week of my daughters birthday is to SURRENDER to wanting things to be perfect. To erase expectations that I had placed upon myself to make the healthiest cake and create the "best" party and blah blah blah. On the actual day of her bday, days befofe this party. I was about to make her cake and the food processor wasnt working. I stood there in silence by myself and let a flood of limiting beliefs come into play, "you are going to let her down" "her bday is ruined now" "she didnt get to have her cake on her actual bday" and the list went on... 

I began to cry yep sure did and has those emotions filled my entire being, I said f that. She has me. She has love and she has no expectations. Why am I creating such pressure upon myself? What is the "need" to do all this? It was to feel like I was a good mom. So here I was placing my worth on a cake being made and all this stuff when in reality we are enough.  


So, do me a favor and give yourself a big hug for surving the first year and for all the crazy hormones and emotions that come with that. Remember to enjoy it and don't overwhelm yourself. You deserve to celebrate. Now back to my tips!! 


#1 - if you order ballons from Amazon like I did. Make sure your venue offers helium or you have a place to get them blown up at. I tried Rite Aide and the 99 cents store day of and they will not blow up certain balloons. Good thing the venue had what we needed.  I got these beautiful pearlized ballons in assorted colors so I can save for future parties as well. I also ordered cute paw print ballons!! 

#2- Pick up your cake/cupcakes as early as possible. If you can the day before to be safe do it! We went to pick ours up at Baby Beas Bakeshop in Beverly Hills and there was a huge mistake made were someone didnt process my order. the shop dropped everything and baked my 24 Dog themed cupcakes and cake within 1.5 of my party. They were awesome and delivered it as soon as it was done but had we not gone early, NO CAKE SMASH NO BIRTHDAY.


#3 - if your local, hit the flower market and party supply store in DTLA for major savings on flowers and supplies like paper plates, utensils and cups. You will also find great inspiration for decorations but I opted out of major decor since we had a kick ass venue.

#4- To save money on cake deco. Check out ETSY for your theme. I found her Clifford topper there and it saved me a ton of money as I decided to simply order a small 6 inch gluten free cake and place the topper on it. I also found her crown from LoveCrushCrowns and customized it with red roses and the word "one" in white.  Her time capsule pdf was also on Etsy and I was able to print it right away so guests could write her a sweet memory for her 16th Bday~

#5- I got our serving platters from the 99 cents store yep sure did. Served fruit on skewers for mess free eating.

#6- For our party favors, I decided to give out the 50th Anniversary Birthday Clifford books to go with the theme and also wanted something the kids could enjoy. 

#7- We found her dress on sale at Bloomingdales and I had a 2nd backup outfit in case.


#8- I decided to make bone-whiches with these bone shaped cookie cutters They were a hit with the kids and adults! Use the cookie cutter on the bread slices first and then spread whatever you like and boom! I used almond butter and raspberry jelly all Organic and they were a hit!

#9- Offer baby food pouches on your desert table! Peter Rabbit Organics are my top choice.  It really takes the stress off your plate and its a cute addition


#10- BREATHE! 

Enjoy yourself. You did it! Know that that week before you will be overloaded with a ton of emotionsyou will be tested and some things wont go as you planned but the one thing you can depend on is that your little one could give a fuck less if there are cupcakes or not or if everything looks pretty. So that should be reassuring to know that there is no mistake