Surviving My First Wax After Baby

Okay, its true. Beauty is pain but its worth it.  I hadn’t really felt sexy after my c-section and my trip to Hawaii is this week so I was super excited to experience my first Brazilian wax at The Yellow Door Boutique Spa.  Up until now I have always shaved my legs and bikini line, having dealt with a number of razor burns and not noticing until walking out of the house in a dress, those red streaks screaming amateur it was time to get waxed.


Upon arriving, the spa is adorned with soy coconut blend candles and yellow roses.  I immediately was greeted by Anna, one of the owners who is absolutely awesome and assured me the wax would be worth it.  I was a bit nervous being that I haven’t worn a bathing suit in almost two years let alone felt comfortable showing my c-section scar but Hawaii was calling my name! I also wasn’t sure that waxing would be the right decision as I still am a bit sensitive in the area were the surgery took place but the treatment breezed by especially because we had girl talk and meeting Anna is like finding your long lost bestie.  Afterwards, she gently rubbed a cream on the areas that she waxed and explainedaftercare tips.  I felt like my womanhood was coming back and it wasn’t even about perfection or the need to do this to feel “sexy” but I can’t lie that once it was done, I did.  This was a self-love set for myself.  For the past two years of sacrificing my body for my daughter and not really maintaining it like I use to.  This was the moment of giving back to me and remembering the importance of self-care. 

I am super happy I pushed through the wax no matter how many times I cringed it actually wasn’t THAT bad.  I have been through labor pains for goodness sake. I am pretty sure this kinda sensation is a piece of cake to you ladies as well! 

IMG_8508 2.jpeg
IMG_7898 2.jpeg

If you are in Los Angeles, check this spa out! Their services range from waxing, facials and spray tans but the service that caught me was The Mystic Facial, a facial with an intuitive twist, my kinda service!  You receive a personal intuitive reading as she massages your face and I thought omg brilliant! I can’t wait to go back and see what comes through in that session! 

I have some ideas up my sleeve to team up with this spa and offer a Mama Mixer so keep your eyes peeled for the date of when you can experience The Yellow Door Spa too! Until then, what is a self-care ritual who use to do before Motherhood that may of gotten lost? Treat yourself this weekend!