I am empowered support.




If you are struggling with self-love in Motherhood…
If you have a hard time asking for support…
If you’re paralyzed by self-doubt, overwhelm and guilt…


If you are still reading this, girlfriend, this is for you!  You are seeking an uplifting and positive experience in motherhood without the mama guilt.  Honestly, you deserve that! 

All it really takes is CHOOSING how you want to FEEL everyday. 

But that isn’t easy when you don’t know HOW to process those thoughts and emotions that keep you STUCK… like when negative self-talk takes over and you feel like a “bad mom”. 

  • You’re the kind of woman who has always been happy and fun. You are compassionate, kind, loving and selfless. You take control of things and make people around you feel good...

  • You remember feeling confident and carefree, life ups and downs weren’t so bad but now as a mother, you aren’t sure how the hell to move through the emotions.


What if you could access peace & confidence as a mother and FEEL emotionally & mentally empowered in Motherhood? 


After the birth of my daughter, I got hit with so many emotions that I didn't feel like myself anymore…


I couldn't stop feeling self-doubt, overwhelm & sadness.


If you’re anything like me after having a baby… 

  • You had no complaints during your pregnancy, but after, you felt anxious because all you can think about was if your labor turned out how it was suppose to. 
  • You make sure everyone is happy and has what they need but you can’t handle much more than that without feeling lonely because all of this change is completely overwhelming. 
  • You manage to smile and enjoy bonding but its been tough for you to speak what you need because you feel bad for wanting some time alone! 
  • You have always been into alternative remedies and wanted your dream birthing experience, but there were aspects of it that didn’t turn out that way so you feel sad whenever people judge you for it (...the truth is, you did great!)
  • You’re doing everything you can to power through this mothering thing, but inside you have some doubts and fears. You can’t seem to get out of your head, constantly worried if you are doing everything right. 

Guess what? There is something special that happened when you gave birth… 

You became someone different. And that's okay! It was your transformation from maiden to mother.

You feel like someone finally gets it!
You are curious despite the fears!
You know that it's time to stop feeling this way!


Listen, I totally understand where you’re at because I’ve been there too.

 I never imaged feeling consumed by emotions after becoming a mother because I was always the strong girl.

I was too scared of being judged to ask for help, even just to have someone to listen to my feelings so I put on a happy face for the world while inside I felt lonely & sad.  

But I finally stopped letting my emotions overtake my sacred experience, I started shifting my mindset and everything changed… 

This is why I have created I Am Empowered Support!

6 weeks for you to awaken peace & radiance!



But why should you trust me?


Well, because I don’t want you to experience how I felt AFTER having my daughter… for a full 365 days, I was a mess! thats 8760 hours of not feeling fulfilled! I wanted the perfect home birth which turned into an unplanned C-section, I wanted to feel radiant, happy & in love with my mothering experience but, I didn’t…I didn’t  have enough help with food, chores or just someone to tell me I wasn’t crazy for crying and feeling off in this experience.  

I was not emotionally prepared and It hit me like a ton of bricks during my bonding stage.  I can't tell you how many times I randomly cried while saying, "I just don't feel like myself".  The doubt, the insecurities, It’s so unsettling. 

If you’re feeling all over the place emotionally… it doesn't have to be that way.

But why is it that you can't stop crying and feeling overwhelmed in your experience? As women, we strive to do it all, be the best and as mothers, we want to be "good" perfect moms, even if it means sacrificing ourselves.

Before you know it, you don't even know who you, this woman, is anymore.  You can't remember the last time you had a night to yourself and you aren't sure how to find that groove again.

As a Woman, an Empowered Mother & Creator of Life, the single, most powerful thing you can do for you and your baby is to

Learn to embody your empowered self.


Here’s what Motherhood is about to look like

  • You and your partner feel at peace with the birth & with becoming parents because you’ve trust that you both have clarity about your needs, wants & desires and thats pretty damn sexy!
  • You feel nourished, present & worry free because you know what you want and you’re making it happen with grace and confidence. 
  • You take time to have tea, bathe & value self-love because you understand to feel fulfilled, you gotta fill up your cup first!  
  • You smile and laugh genuinely with your friends and family because things are better than ever and you feel relieved for speaking your truth.
  • You love yourself and embrace your birth story with no regrets, you’re focused on healing, bonding with your family and you are so GRATEFUL FOR YOUR LIFE as a mama. 



I know that, even if you believe all of this is important, it probably feels tough to wrap your head around… but the results are just a click away… I struggled with overwhelming emotions until I integrated a new mindset which shifted everything. 




Let's dive deep together to dissolve the challenges and incorporate
easy tools to transform back into EMPOWERMENT

Arista is truly a beautiful soul who has one of the best gifts: to help women feel empowered. Motherhood is one of the most challenging things anyone can ever do, and during the postpartum period, moms are at their most vulnerable. Past issues from your childhood or other instances can come up, and they reflect the way you think and parent. Arista truly listens and figures out what's going on in order to give you the tools and to do the work to reflect and learn even more about yourself. She shows you different and more positive ways to look at things, she is totally relatable and really puts things in perspective.


Maiden to Mother.


40 days of Transformational Support that will guide you through releasing all those negative thoughts and emotions with ones that will move you forward into motherhood with confidence and peace. 

Say goodbye to anxiety and feeling overwhelmed in your new skin because now, you know what you need! 

EMPOWERED MOTHER is all about moving forward with fierce compassion! Transforming tough moments and thoughts into courageous self-love and acceptance so that you can ignite the magic within! 


This offering is about knowing you deserve to feel empowered on every level!  

I am here to support you through it! YOU WILL RECEIVE exclusive transformational care PLUS custom gifts like an empowered spray! This is coming from someone who has BEEN IN YOUR SHOES. 


Then the most important thing you can do for YOURSELF right now is nurture yourself through releasing those crappy feelings! 



This isn't a program.

This is you investing in yourself because you are worthy of feeling HAPPY versus feeling how you feel, overwhelmed and over all the BS.  Don’t settle and cost by withins you had a different experience. .  



Here’s what you’ll get when you receive
I am empowered: Maiden to Mother

  • 5 private sessions (2hr each) in-home because I am here for you! ($125/hr)
    *Remote video sessions available

  • Postpartum doula support - emotional empowerment

  • Scared Postpartum Preparation - A Birth Plan that aligns so you & your desires are honored

  • Divine To-Do list; Share with your friends & family so they know how to help! Ex: meal prep recipes, laundry, etc. so you can focus on bonding & receive!

  • Weekly Empowered Emails that help you stay on track so you can release any unsettling emotions and have tools that inspire you throughout the day.

  • The EMPOWERED MOTHER workbook with weekly worksheets and action steps so you can release any feelings that no longer serve you & embrace your birthing experience with peace

  • Exclusive access to my EMPOWERED MOTHER FB group, community resources & referrals

  • 24/7 guidance by text so you can feel supported and experience.

  • Sacred Healing Rituals that leave you with your mind, body & soul feeling nourished!



Sacred Ritual

  • White Rose Womb Meditation to stay grounded

  • Closing Ceremony to honor your transition & bring in gratitude

  • Custom oil, salve & purification spray to stay present & grounded


Most importantly –
be your support, shoulder to lean on and soul sister during this sacred experience! 


Total Investment $1500
Payment plan available

Limited Spots


But that’s not all…

Bonus – $250 Value!

  • The EMPOWERED MOTHER self-love bundle with which consist of special practices, tools and resources to get you aligned emotionally, mentally & spiritually ($95 value)
  • Womb movement video so you can stay connected to your body ($75 value) 
  • Custom Mantra Prayers for you to keep you aligned with the moment and shake any fears ($80 value) 


Total Value: $250 Bonus + $1329 = $1579
Your investment only $500 down



How does it work?


When you click the “IM READY” button, you’ll be sent to a checkout page & will receive an email confirmation to book our check-in call before your first session! Woo hoo!

It would be an incredible honor to share in the journey of witnessing you move beyond these feelings. If you’re ready to receive deeper support & feel empowered moving into motherhood, then take these steps to get started: 

  • Click the I’M READY button.
  • Fill out the form with your information 
  • Check your inbox for a confirmation of our call together.
  • Spend the next 5 weeks moving forward and falling in love with your life!

What's next?

Once you secure your spot, we schedule a check-in to discuss your concers/desires for this experience.  We will continue working closely together for 5 weeks.  These sessions are typically bi-weekly. 


Arista truly listens and figures out what's going on in order to give you the tools and to do the work to reflect and learn even more about yourself. She shows you different and more positive ways to look at things, she is totally relatable and really puts things in perspective. Working with her has been one of the most empowering things I've ever done, in just one meeting with her I felt a huge release.


What will I gain from this offering?

  • After our sessions, you will feel radiant, peaceful & confident in who you are as a woman and mother
  • You will have an empowered mindset so you can process your emotions everyday in a sacred way without judgment. 
  • You will have tools that last a lifetime to embody your emotions in an empowered way and flow through any situation
  • Receive support on a deep level so you can learn how to integrate self-love as a mother. 
  • You will feel empowered to make decisions that are best for you and your baby during this gentle time. 
  • You will have clarity with how to move forward emotionally, mentally and physically so you dont doubt yourself.
  • Become an Empowered Mother by living in your truth 

If you are ready to shift...
It's time to shake the BS!



Week 1: Divine Method #1 

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 11.43.32 PM.png

"Unpack The Baggage"

Together we’ll take a look to explore what bags need to go and find the root of these feelings like doubt, fear, worry, etc so we can transform them into thoughts and beliefs that propel you into the future. 


  • Unpack your baggage! Get complete with the “stuck feelings” so you are ready to move forward

  • Change draining thoughts that keep you stuck to a positive perspective through a sacred Hawaiiann forgiveness practice

  • Take your first steps forward by building the vision of what you want for you and your families experience

Week 2: Divine Method #2

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 11.53.17 PM.png

"Transform the BS"

Now that we know the bags, lets reclaim our desires! transform the belief system so we can shift the negative self-talk and turn them into sacred affirmations 


  • Learn about the “BS” Belief Systems we carry in our day to day and how they influence us so you can take control

  • Release what no longer serves and feel relived for the clarity that is arising

  • Take responsibility for the energy you have been carrying and make an effort to transmute it so you can be you

Week 3: Divine Method #3

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 11.41.27 PM.png

"Courageous Self-love"

Together we will strengthen your expression through learning about the core belief system, values and limiting beliefs so that you can create scared boundaries and wont need to doubt yourself anymore. 


  • Gain confidence to speak your feelings without being scared of rejection, judgement or abandonment so you can stay focused on honoring your

  • Change your thoughts from ones that stop you to ones that motivate you

  • Take your first steps forward by building the vision of what you want for you and your families experience


Week 4: Divine Method #4

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 11.50.58 PM.png

"Align with your heart"
Sacred Ritual: Custom based on birth

A deep remembrance into the depths of your heart.  Remember who you are so you can embody the essence of an awakened state versus stuck in people pleasing. 


  • Discover what sets your soul on fire, what ignites your passion so you incorporate this back in your life
  • Bring in a sense of self and alignment towards the desires that support your spirit so you don’t feel resentment 
  • Take your first steps forward by building the vision of what you want for you and your families experience

Week 5: Divine Method #5

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 11.44.19 PM.png

"Courageous Self-Love"

Access courage and confidence that has been hiding waiting to shine!  Integrate self-love in motherhood with these easy tools!  We will dive in and customize a sacred self-love ritual for you because you deserve it!


  • Create your own self-love ritual so you never put yourself last again!
  • Bring awareness to what the result has been for putting others first and yourself last
  • Awaken gratitude towards your past self, current emotions & future so you know how to comfort yourself with compassion

Frequently Asked Questions


Finances are pretty tight. Can I really afford this?  

The cost of this offering is about investing in self-love. What is it worth to you? Whats the cost of feeling shitty? Investing in you now will allow you to cultivate an experience you love so that these feelings that keep coming up don’t bring you down. While this is certainly an investment to consider seriously, I suspect continuing to struggle with overwhelming thoughts and difficult emotions is what you really can’t afford. Grab the payment plan!

What if I change my mind after paying? Do I get my money back?  

I understand things happen. If after our first session you don’t feel like this is something you truly need I will be more than happy to refund you 50% of your payment. Please keep in mind that a full refund would not honor my time in preparation to create a fulfilling experience beforehand. As long as you express a change of heart within the first week before our second session, I will work with you on this. This offering is NOT for you if you’re unwilling to do the inner work and ant results on all levels.

What are the sacred rituals? Do I still benefit if I am a virtual client?  

The Magic begins! Sacred Rituals are special healing modalities and remedies that were passed down to me from my grandmother. We will incorporate these into our sessions and whether online or in person, will be beneficial for you! My virtual clients receive the PDF instructions on how to make the remedy and do the meditation which I still will lead you through both. Its all about intention and energy!



More than anything, what I really want for you is to feel EMPOWERED & RELEASE through these sacred tools. 



Your thoughts and emotions can be parts of you that drive you forward. Your new life as a mom can be filled with love and gratitude. You CAN experience peace & joy afterwards. 

If you’re ready to stop wondering how to feel better, then I’m ready to support you on that journey. Let’s do this together! 

A recently new mom struggling with negative self talk, Postpartum Depression and a lack of self-love shifted her mindset and finally felt CONFIDENT in herself...


For the first time in a while I feel happy and my soul is healing! She helped me move past my rape and set it on fire and for the first time I feel free from it . With her help & words of wisdom I have started to love myself again and have learned I'm a strong and powerful women . As a mother she gave me the tools to breath and the chance to enjoy motherhood. Arista is not a therapist or doctor and she never claimed to be but girl you have done more for me then any doctor has in my life you didn't want to just talk you wanted me to work for it and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

– Lauren, new mother

Last chance!!!


we'll embrace acceptance for where you are and move into peace for what we cannot control. Let's RELEASE UNSETTLING EMOTIONS, Divine Mama. It's time to stand strong through the challenges of motherhood, with confidence to mother from your truth.

You are magical AF!